NTB Associates, Inc.
Corporate Headquarters:
525 Louisiana Ave.
Shreveport, LA 71101
(318) 226-9199


As licensed Professional Land Surveyors, NTBA understands that the interest and protection of the public we serve are of utmost concern. They must have confidence that the boundaries of real property are located on the ground in an adequate and defensible manner. All of our registered Professional Land Surveyors meet this objective by having a thorough understanding of the standards of accuracy, completeness, and quality for the jurisdiction being served.

Project Services List:

  • Public Land Surveys

  • Metes and Bounds Surveys

  • Lot and Block Surveys

  • ALTA Land Surveys

  • Flood Elevation Certificates

  • Right-of-Way and/or Easement Surveys including:

  • Highways

  • Railroads

  • Municipal Utility Mains

  • Petroleum Pipelines

  • Transmisson Lines