NTB Associates, Inc.
Corporate Headquarters:
525 Louisiana Ave.
Shreveport, LA 71101
(318) 226-9199


NTB Associates, Inc. (NTBA) was incorporated in the State of Louisiana in 1986. We are currently operating in our 34th year as a Small Business. Since the founding of the company, NTBA has experienced a significant expansion of capabilities in surveying resources and staff with offices in Shreveport and Zachary, Louisiana, Monahans and Houston, Texas, Little Rock and Mountain Home, Arkansas, and Greeley, Colorado.

NTBA excels in providing a full range of surveying and mapping services including site evaluations, urban and rural topographic surveys, hydrographic surveys of lakes, streams, and rivers, water/waste water systems, property boundary and right-of-way surveys, riparian research and determinations, pipeline and power line surveys, oil and gas well surveys, construction layout, GIS, subsurface utility engineering, aerial imagery, and 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanning. We are also certified to provide hazardous materials surveys.


Congratulations on a job well done and truly your team is held in the highest regards as related to the best of the best across the United States.

You guys are resilient and prepared for most anything!!

NTBA’s employees are very conscious with all regulations. They are up to date on changes and revisions in every aspect of requirements. They were always readily available whenever we needed them.

Through quarterly progress meetings NTBA has proven their capabilities in performing this work. I have found NTBA to be proficient, responsive and highly professional.

It is a personal pleasure for me to conduct business on the value of a man’s word. Too many times there is no regard for an individual’s honesty or moral righteousness. My contact with NTBA was based on trust and honesty. I am encouraged.

In my opinion, NTBA will be worthy of any considerations given to them. They are very knowledgeable, and professional in the job that they do.

I want to take the this opportunity to commend the excellent work of NTBA on our project. Every phase of the project from boundary surveys, right-of-way acquisition, plan design to construction completion went smoothly. All parties were kept well informed through regular letters, emails, and reports. I look forward to working with NTBA on future projects and would gladly recommend NTBA to others.

I appreciate the thoroughness of your design and the timeliness in which your design was completed. I look forward to our next project.

I just wanted to personally thank you for all of the hard work that you put in with me at the Command Center.

Your work, attitude, dedication, and professionalism were without a doubt exemplary. You have served your country well, you have served NASA well, you have served your company well, and I owe you a debt that I can never repay…

I know that you will never get a reward or receive compensation for your efforts, and I know that’s not why you did it. But you have my respect and my gratitude, and if no one else noticed, I did. You guys are hard core, and you deserve much more than I can give you.

I want you to know that you and your staff set the bar for the rest of us to follow. When my own people were griping and complaining about having to stand around or it being cold, I never once heard a hint of a complaint from you or your staff.