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Shreveport, LA 71101
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High Definition Scanning

NTBA personnel possess the expertise necessary to produce on time, quality results for complete data acquisition coverage. The system provides a complete archive of data for future reference and automatically captures data in 3D, providing significant detail on modeling and measuring. NTBA has used 3D Laser Scanning for numerous and diverse surveys to provide reliable and accurate results. Our specialization in the collection of High Definition Laser Scanning Surveys has allowed us to prepare deliverables that are compatible with standard CADD and GIS software. The data captured can be incorporated into an established, efficient workflow to manage and deliver only what meets the needs of the client.

Project Services List:

  • Bridges

  • Historic Structures

  • Railroads

  • Building Exteriors and Interiors

  • Facility Infrastructure Exteriors and Interiors

  • Plant Infrastructure including above ground piping

  • Roadway Surveys