NTB Associates, Inc.
Corporate Headquarters:
525 Louisiana Ave.
Shreveport, LA 71101
(318) 226-9199



* We do not accept recruiter based applications.

Overtime, travel pay, holiday pay, and perdiem available

Must pass drug screen test

Positions available for both local and long distance assignments in:

Baton Rouge and Shreveport LA, Little Rock, AR, Houston and Midland, TX, Greeley, CO, and Williston, ND

This position is an outside, physical labor job. 

Experience preferred but training is available

Duties may include:

•     Ensure the safety of all crew members, clients, & the public
•     Carry survey supplies during the collection of necessary survey data
•     Work closely with Instrument man to execute the survey data
•     Hold the prism pole for measurements
•     Receive assignments from Party Chief
•     Ensure that all equipment needed is loaded and ready to use
•     Ensure that all equipment is properly maintained
•     Maintain adequate supplies in the truck
•     Keep truck and equipment clean and organized
•     Clear land or line for data collection
•     Travel out of town
•     Perform other duties as assigned