NTB Associates, Inc.
Corporate Headquarters:
525 Louisiana Ave.
Shreveport, LA 71101
(318) 226-9199

Bridge Monitoring throughout Louisiana

NTBA performed hydrographic surveying services at scheduled intervals upstream and downstream for 44 state bridges throughout the state. Each survey consisted of running range lines at predetermined stations over the water and on the banks. The survey also included recovering the baseline and pre-determined range lines, utilizing DOTD benchmarks, determining water elevation; performing fathometer bar check to ensure correct Speed of Sound, running and charting predetermined range lines, obtaining marks at predetermined distances along the range lines (in areas of shallow water a rod reading was obtained rather than by fathometer), and obtaining photographs of the bridge and any debris or adverse conditions. Other hydrographic survey services included the preparation of a sketch of the water body surveyed, reducing chart data from depths to elevations, preparation of a data chart with the depths, elevations, and locations of the data obtained, preparing a written report on each survey noting field conditions and findings.